Xmas Jukebox 2016 (2016)

In the beginning, DJs were faceless human jukeboxes that played at the whim of their audience. When dance culture boomed DJs became superstars, and fame and ego replaced love of the music. Luciano represents a third way: he is both a singleminded Artist completely devoted to music, and a performer whose charisma is an intrinsic part of his global appeal. Luciano fuses art and fame like no other DJ. As a result the humble, SwissChilean DJ, producer and boss of Cadenza Records is one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene. His love of music had brought him fame. Most DJs would stop there but Luciano’s outstanding characteristic is his refusal to rest on his laurels. ‘In life always you have an easy way and a complex way,’ he says. ‘The complex way has more rewards.’
Xmas Jukebox 2016 (2016)
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Xmas Jukebox 2016 (2016)
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01. DJ Luciano ‘ Stronger (4:19)
02. Young 13izz ‘ Floi Oi (3:53)
03. DJ Luciano ‘ By Your Side (4:54)
04. Djkam ‘ Higher (3:41)
05. DJ Luciano ‘ Can U Feel It (5:40)
06. M4PEX ‘ Camouflage (4:49)
07. DJ Luciano ‘ The Sound of Silence (4:39)
08. Raving Tesla ‘ Joker (5:47)
09. DJ Luciano ‘ The Right Way (4:16)
10. SpinXXX ‘ Jackpot Anthem (3:58)

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