VA – Tessellate Recordings – Earthtones Volume 3 (2015)

Tracklist :
1. Darkroom – Karhupuisto / Beautiful Retreat (06:42)
2. Silmus – Close To Light (05:09)
3. Jazzdefector – And Now My Winter Comes (02:24)
4. Tone Color – City Of Three Rivers (06:29)
5. Tracy Chow – Osceola (05:32)
6. Anna Morley – Not Letting Go (05:26)
7. Peaceful Wrath – Hermine (05:42)
8. Guy Gelem – Jerusalem (04:05)
9. Miguel Isaza – Alborada (06:42)
10. My Home, Sinking – Hanging On The Edge Of Memories (03:58)
11. Lucho Ripley – La Muerte Dulce (05:45)
12. Off Land – Bell Mountain (05:32)
13. Cousin Silas – Unfolding (08:09)
14. Map 165 – Long Shore Drift (03:22)
15. Polaroid Notes – Floating Not Drowning (03:38)
16. No Common Era – A Toad Under The Streetlamp (02:48)
17. Slow Clinic – There Is A Darkness (05:32)
18. Ross Baker – Between The Land And The?.?.?. (06:36)
19. The New Honey Shade – Mantled By Clouds (05:10)
20. Erinome – Indian Land (06:25)
21. Leigh Toro – Mneme 1?.?4 (05:04)
22. con_cetta – Magiric (06:57)
23. Leonardo Rosado – Dreaming In Velvet (06:46)
After a short period of hiatus, we’re pleased to at last announce another release which sees the return of our popular Earthtones series. Now at Volume 3, Earthtones as a series has notched up some 74 contributions from a truly international selection of modern Ambient music artists.
Earthtones cross sections a range of the sub-styles of Ambient music, from warm shimmering tones, to lightly abrasive noise with a mix of both the acoustic and the electronic. Modern classical, chamber music, field recordings, drones, electro-acoustic, glitch and space music all fall within the loose confides of this genre and we’re embracing it all.
Earthtones began as an expression of how the internet has sort of shrunk the world into a smaller place, where connection has made it possible to communicate; often the expansive physical geography can be forgotten. Earthtones retraces this ground via artists from all four corners of the globe with each track featuring a unique image taken by the artist in and around their location.
The money raised from this third edition will be pooled back into Tessellate Recordings, as we work towards releasing another physical edition in the near future. Watch this space!

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