Tino Bambino – Below the Fold – Episode 1

Developer / Publisher: Tino Bambino Patreon
Tags: tino bambino, 2dcg, female protagonist, corruption, tanlines, public nudity, exhibitionism, voyeurism, casual nudity, social nudity, ntr, exploration, slice of life, groping, prostitution, stripping, nude figure modeling, past trauma, trust issues, audience participation, nanomachines,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: Episode 1
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
A family from the Pacific Northwest unravel a mystery from two sides, separated by vast distances. The mother and father have embarked on a dangerous mission through hostile territory suffering from extreme geological instability. The daughter, left alone to her own devices back home, must go deep undercover to expose corruption in the local government before she loses her ability to grow into the person she knows she is supposed to be. Below the Fold is a story about doing whatever it takes to move forward, and barely having any time to apologize to the people you had to leave behind. It’s a story about trusting yourself despite the protestations of everyone else in your life. It’s a story about a mother and a daughter who were chosen by fate to end up alone.​




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