Koooon Soft – Kung-Fu Girl – Version 0.90U

Developer / Publisher: Koooon Soft
Tags: koooon soft, ror, side-scroller, female protagonist, tentacle, rape, masturbation, monster,
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.90U
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
The classic erotic side scrolling action game such as Shinobi Girl, Witch Girl or Angel Girl.
Better description when the game is finished.​

Version 0.90U:
Little by little it is progressing!
Now it has 6 types of masturbation done.
We got a voice for the hero! (CV: Kanono)
The gallery will also be released with the game clear.
Game over and BGM finally implemented.

||The following change-log is machine-translated from japanese||
2019/01/28 ver0.90: Added game over and background music. Change the background of the stage.
2018/08/31 ver0.80: Voice has been added to the main character.
2018/07/31 ver0.70: Added attack B of enemy 2 and enemy 3.
2018/07/03 ver0.61: Fixed a bug in Mini Gyeongsi Buried B. Facial expressions of each scene are also subtly changed.
2018/06/30 ver. 0.60: Add Mini Gyeongsi Ya Bare B, implement manual undressing with H key etc.
2018/05/31 ver0.51: Fixed bug that breast milk was not correctly displayed. Adjust the facial expressions of snakes.
2018/05/30 ver0.50: Gallery, HowtoPlay implemented. Added scratch scene skipping function.
2018/05/06 ver0.41: Mac projector bundled. Bug fixes.
2018/04/30 ver0.40: Added “Muscle Gyeongsea”. I added one kind of flesh.
2018/04/02 ver0.31: Fixed a problem. Also added option and color change initialization button.
2018/03/31 ver0.30: “Green Snake” added. I added one kind of flesh.
2018/01/25 ver0.21: pubic hair, color change preservation function, undressing order designation Yesterday, other sobal update.
2018/01/10 ver0.20: Added one enemy scene and one scene and down. I tried my best with breast milk and juice.
2017/12/01 ver0.10b: It is only adjustment of running motion and correction of trouble.
2017/10/28 ver.0.10: Implemented title, UI, basic motion.
2017/05/18 I made a color picker.
2017/02/02 Updated as a test of color change. In addition, clicking on the body will react a bit.
2017/01/04 Production started. Initial test release.





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