Indecent Experiment Version 0.21 by MoriahFiend

Developer / Publisher: MoriahFiend
Tags: moriahfiend, html, hypnosis, feminization
Censorship: No
Language: Eng
Version: 0.21
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
The setting of the game is a clinical trial. You volunteer for a private study that wants to monitor the affects of pornography exposure, certain drugs and hypnosis to see what effects they have in combination.

The game deals with feminization and is heavily inspired by Sissy Hypnosis videos. My idea of the game is two-fold. You have the standard game where you yourself play the character and have to work out the puzzles to proceed to the ending. And then you have the implicit game where the visual elements, certain passages and certain plot-lines are designed to reach out beyond the computer screen and affect you as a person. I have lots of ideas surrounding how to go about this of which only some are implemented. I am going to keep them secret as I feel they will be more exciting for people to experience in the moment.
Version 0.21

Minor bugfix:

Fixed issue of not being able to click certain links in a dream passage. If you were not experiencing this issue there is no need to download this update.

Version 0.20

An entire overhaul of the backend,

A restructured plot,

The gym had been added featuring a minigame,

12 additional videos,

Shortcuts added to reduce repitition.




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