Hotline Shimahebi – Listless-eyed Swordswoman and the Dungeon of Lust – Completed

Developer / Publisher: Hotline Shimahebi
Tags: hotline shimahebi, female protagonist, rape, vaginal sex, creampie, tentacles, sex toys, 2dcg, ahegao, pregnancy, group sex, groping, drugs,
Censorship: Yes
Language: Eng
Version: Final
OS: Win
Size: In Download.
This listless-eyed swordswoman ventured into a dungeon filled with erotic dangers!
Let’s lead her to an exit!

– You have to take care of her health bar and sensuality bar through escaping from the dungeon.

– Loads of erotic traps and events are in her way. Be kind to let her avoid them.

– Erotic ghost’s possession, infectious tentacles, wearing tentacled armor… Various status effects.

– If she is confronted by a hostile soldier, take combat which is easy and like Blackjack!

– Escape from the dungeon within the defined number of turns to see the true ending!

* Look at this, it’s an ecchi game!

– Versatile pose art erotica!

– When she gets damaged or falls into an erotic trap her clothes are torn.
This is called “Armor Break” state, which can be followed by molestation by tentacles or ghosts…

– Erotic Pose Art + CG: 20 base CG, 95 incl. variations!

– H scenes change corresponding to her state!

– A number of erotic traps!
Ass-in-the-wall, slime, violation chair, tentacle, aphrodisiac gas and so on.

– She gets violated even during battles!
Enemies are so merciless that they assault her even during battles!
Save her before she gets too much sexual damage and captured!




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