ReMaking History, Volume 2 Industrial Revolutionaries Music 2017

William Gurstelle, “ReMaking History, Volume 2: Industrial Revolutionaries”
English | ISBN: 1680450662 | 2016 | PDF/EPUB/MOBI | 176 pages | 57 MB

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Industrial Revolutionaries is the second volume in William Gurstelle’s unique exploration of history’s great inventors. Each chapter revisits the life and times of one of the forward-thinking revolutionaries who helped create the world we live in. You will not only learn about their great inventions, you’ll also get step-by-step instructions for recreating them yourself. History will come to life as you have never experienced it before when you build it with your own hands. Inside this volume, you will discover:
Joseph McKibben and the Air Muscle
Squire Whipple and the Iron Bridge
Abe Lincoln and the Campaign Torch
Samuel Morse and the Telegraph
J.F. Daniell and the Storage Battery
Ben Franklin and the Leyden Jar
Charles Goodyear and the Vulcanization of Rubber
Be sure to also check out ReMaking History, Volume 1: Early Makers and ReMaking History, Volume 3: Makers of the Modern World.



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