Progress in Metallic Alloys

“Progress in Metallic Alloys” ed. by Vadim Glebovsky
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535126970 9535126962 | 293 pages | PDF | 107 MB

This book is devoted to the metallic alloys. The primary goal is to provide coverage of advanced topics and trends of R&D of metallic alloys. The book is of interest to both fundamental research and practicing scientists and will prove invaluable to all chemical and metallurgical engineers in process industries, as well as to students and engineers in industry and laboratories.
In general, metallic alloys are the interdisciplinary subject or even an area that cover physics, chemistry, material science, metallurgy, crystallography, etc.
The chapters of this book are contributed by the respected and well-known researchers which have presented results of their up-to-date metallic alloys technologies.
The book consists of two blocks filled with 10 chapters which provide the results of scientific studies in many aspects of the metallic alloys including the studies of amorphous and nanoalloys, modeling of disordered metallic alloys, superconducting alloys, differential speed rolling of alloys, meta-magnetic Heusler alloys, etc.
The readers will find this book interesting and helpful for the work and studies.
1 Introductory Chapter: Preferential Sputtering and Oxidation of Nb-Ta Single Crystals Studied by LEIS
2 Statistical Physics Modeling of Disordered Metallic Alloys
3 Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Metallic Alloys
4 Assessment of Hardness Based on Phase Diagrams
5 Differential Speed Rolling: A New Method for a Fabrication of Metallic Sheets with Enhanced Mechanical Properties
6 The Superconducting Tape of Nb3Al Compound
7 Niobium in Cast Irons
8 Indium Phosphide Bismide
9 Selecting Appropriate Metallic Alloy for Marine Gas Turbine Engine Compressor Components
10 Magnetocaloric and Magnetic Properties of Meta?Magnetic Heusler Alloy Ni41Co9Mn31.5Ga18.5
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