The Life Erotic – Helena Moeller

Helena Moeller – Latex Legs 2
Released: December 10, 2019

Sexy Ukrainian babe Helena Moeller is looking cute and kinky, barefoot in a short black latex skater skirt and pastel-pink tube top. Her platinum-blonde hair is worn loose, and she’s flaunting hot-pink lips and a bright red manicure and pedicure. She sits down on a yoga mat on the floor, legs splayed, to unwrap a shiny gift – and her excitement turns to lust when she finds a pair of black latex stockings in the box…

She strokes one against her leg then immediately tries to put it on, only to find it won’t slide up over her skin, no matter how much she stretches it. She grits her teeth and pulls, then pauses – she doesn’t want to damage the stocking. Luckily, her gift also includes a large bottle of lube.

She caresses her body, flipping up her skirt to flash a tiny black thong. Then she removes her boob tube to reveal perfect breasts and stiff nipples. Next, she loses the miniskirt and poses in her wet-look thong, before peeling it down and off to expose her shaved pussy.

She lies down on the floor again, then drizzles the oily lube on her toes, feet and legs before slathering and massaging it all over them. Now she is able to roll the latex stockings up to her thighs, although they are still a tight, stretchy fit. She lubes the outside, for extra slippery shine, and runs her slick hands over her body, teasing her curves and zeroing in on her pussy.

Within moments she is masturbating, plunging and pounding her lubed fingers in and out her slurping-wet snatch. She lets out little moans and cries as her hand becomes a blur between her thighs, and as she cums, she prolongs the pleasure, giving her tits more attention. Satisfied, she squirms on the mat and gazes lustfully into the camera before we get one final lingering look at her latex-clad legs and feet, toes elegantly pointed…

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