Bruce And Morgan – Through My Eyes

Morgan – Through My Eyes
Released: December 6, 2019

Ever wondered what it feels like to be Bruce’s girlfriend ie: an obedient piss and cum drinking slut? Well this week you get to find out since this scene was entirely shot from my point of view! As you’ll discover it’s way more intense than it looks from our usual angles. From my kneeling position I unzip his shorts and it becomes immediately clear just how huge his cock really is… and he’s not even fully hard yet! Can you imagine what it feels like to have it forcefully invade my throat? As he starts pissing you’ll also get a feel for how quickly the piss is coming my way, and how hard it is to swallow everything (though I try my hardest!). My favorite part is when he starts to slap me while I have pee in my mouth. So dominant… Then I get rewarded by a huge cumshot – plus you’ll get to experience what it feels like to have your head in a bowl of piss and cum, having to drink it all while Bruce watches me degrade myself for his amusement. Think you could handle it?

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